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Curbside Recycling

Change is coming, but it’s not here yet! It is key to follow these simple recycling tips for success;

Curbside & Depot Items

Recycling Depot is located at 1204 Willow in La Grande.

MIXED PAPER (LOOSE)Mail, computer paper, cereal boxes (without liners), shoe boxes, NCR paper, white ledger, phone books, color ledger, manila file folders, windowed envelopes, paper egg cartons.Waxed papers, cores, carbon paper, plastic coated paper, paper towels or tissue, ream wrappers, waxed cartons.
CORRUGATED BOXES (flattened)Corrugated boxes, grocery bags.Styrofoam (If Styrofoam packing is left in a box the box will be considered trash and contaminate a whole shipment)
NEWS PAPER (loose)newspaper
MAGAZINES(loose)Catalogs and all slick papers
TIN CANS (label removed and rinsed)Steel cansBimetal (paper and tin) , Potato chip bags
ALUMINUM(washed)Beverage cans, foil, TV diner trays, cooking pots and pansFoil/plastic laminates (potato chip bags)
MILK JUGS (washed & lids removed)Milk, juice, distilled water jugsCaps or lids , NO PLASTIC BAGS
NECKED PLASTIC BOTTLES (rinsed out)ONLY 1 AND 2 PLASTICS with a neck smaller than the base

Lids, caps, and spray pumps, motor oil bottles, NO PLASTIC BAGS

Waste Pro – Waste Solutions

At Waste-Pro, our service includes regular garbage pick-up, recycling, and several types of specialized containers and services.