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Industrial Container

Drop Boxes

At your home or business, a large project can generate a tremendous amount of refuse. A deposit of $300.00 for 20 yard containers and smaller and a deposit of $500.00 for larger sizes is required.

Within 3 miles of La Grande:

Service includes delivery, three days use and pickup. Drop boxes MUST BE LEVEL FULL in order for us to safely pick them up. Above prices only include transportation costs. A disposal fee of $78.60 a ton will be added plus fuel surcharge. Heavy materials such as dirt or cement can only be placed in a 10YD container. Composition roofing can only be placed in a 10YD or 20YD container.

*Drop Boxes incur $11.00/day charge after 4 working days

*Mileage charges may apply

Waste Pro – Waste Solutions

At Waste-Pro, our service includes regular garbage pick-up, recycling, and several types of specialized containers and services.