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Compost, Wood Chips, Topsoil and More

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At Gekeler Farm, we love compost. All year long we monitor, test, mix, formulate and repeat to make sure we can offer the best product around. Fill out the form below for a personal compost expert to reply.


Premium Compost

Premium Compost creates the best growing conditions. Applying 4 inches and blending with the top 4 inches of soil works best.

Top Soil

Gekeler Farm Top Soil is truly just top soil. This product has not been conditioned in anyway. Mother nature at it’s best. Note: Mother nature does not discriminate against weeds.

Wood Chips

Wood chips work excellent at keeping you and your animals out of the mud and dirt. Walkways will be weed free all summer and mud free all winter. Applying 18 inches in the fall will keep animals out of the mud all winter long, even in the wettest of winters. Farmers with pivot irrigation rave about the wood chips ability of keep the ruts filled and the field level. Test have show they last 4-5 years in pivot ruts and simply blend into the soil adding organic matter and improving the soil. We have specialized equipment to apply chips to pivot ruts if required.

Call Now: (541)963-5459


We deliver soil amendments to the Northeastern Oregon and Southeastern area of Washington. Delivery sizes can be from a hundred pounds all the way up to 28 tons (approximately 60 yards). Any loads over 20 yards will be in a semi belt trailer (think lots of room to maneuver!). Wood chips can be delivered at 100 yards a load.

Pivot Rut Filling:

Filling pivot ruts with wood chips is the best way! Special designed chips interlock to disperse weight and prevent mud from rising to the surface. Proven to last 3 to 5 years ! Works much better and cheaper than sand or rock. Call today for details!

Pine Bark

We offer two different sizes of pine bark. The screened bark works great to lighten soil or planters. The large size works great for landscaping mulch.

Waste Pro – Waste Solutions

At Waste-Pro, our service includes regular garbage pick-up, recycling, and several types of specialized containers and services.