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Electronics Recycling & Disposal Boise

Our customers trust Waste-Pro to manage their electronics disposal and recycling.

 Electronics disposal is a certainty in today’s age of digital business. We can collect and recycle all forms of electronics. Preventing electronics from entereing the traditional waste stream in paramount and we are here to help facilitate.

Electronic waste is created when we discard used electronics. This material contains heavy metals and chemicals that are harmful to the environment. At Waste-Pro we offer electronics recycling as part of our add-on services. We can dispose of anything electronic. TVs, Monitors, keyboards, computer towers, printers, fax machines, etc.

Rather than tossing it into the garbage stream we offer a solution to recycle. There is a minimal cost to pick up the electronics.

Waste-Pro: Electronics Recycling Experts

With a diverse range of service offerings, Waste-Pro can expertly accommodate your electronics recycling needs, too.